Environmental Site Assessments

Phase I and II

Phase I Environmental Site Assessments:

Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESA) are conducted as a due diligence measure to verify past and current use of a property and any potential Recognized Environmental Conditions (REC). Phase I Environmental Site Assessments provide baseline environmental information necessary for making sound business decisions associated with acquisition and financing of industrial, commercial, or developable properties. This enables interested parties to evaluate environmental risks as a factor in the transaction decision and provides a useful document in negotiating for the potential liability of the property.

The Phase I ESA includes a site visit, photographs of the property, review of reasonably ascertainable files, radius search report, aerial photographs, city directory review, interviews, USGS Topographic Quadrangle Map, Soil Conservation Service Maps, Sanborn Maps (if available), and a report summarizing the review of the data. The Phase I ESA will be signed and sealed by a Professional Geologist registered in the State of Florida.

Phase II Environmental Site Assessments:

Recognized environmental conditions identified in a Phase I often trigger a Phase II Environmental Site Assessment. This type of investigation involves drilling into the subsurface to obtain soil and groundwater samples for laboratory analysis. The type of laboratory analyses are dependant upon the potential concerns identified during the Phase I ESA. Soils may be field screened using field instrumentation to determine the presence of organic contaminants.

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